Here we will try to answer those questions that always get asked when we return home from a trip

"What was your favourite place, and what did you like the most about it?"

The list isn't complete (yet), but is growing. As we continue to travel and experience new countries, cities, food and cultures - the list will no doubt grow.

Munich was what we had always imagined Germany to be from a very early age - it's the essence of story book Germany. While Munich is obviously famous for beer, beer houses, and the Oktoberfest (don't get me wrong this was part of the appeal), I found it to be a very nice, liveable city. Munich marries the old with the new very well. The reason I rate this #1 is based on my answer to a very simple question - Could I live here? The answer (Yes), came very quickly - practically instantly with little consideration required. That said, we were there in summer, and have not experienced a German winter before - so that could well change.

Our whole time in Peru was an incredible adventure, and the jewel in the crown was Machu Picchu. This was something dreams were made of - quite literally. Having been very interested in the Inca's from a young age (including an addiction to the children's cartoon series Cities of Gold), Machu Picchu was defiantly a destination at the top of my travellers bucket list - and once we got there it didn't disappoint! Every inch of this sacred place is post card perfect, and words and pictures do not compare to seeing it in person.

We visited Osaka in late May 2011. This was our first trip to Japan, and surely will not be our last. We were absolutely blown away by Japan and the culture. The cities were very clean, the people were very polite and friendly - even our lack of speaking Japanese was no barrier. One of the definite highlights from our time in Osaka was seeing a local baseball match (Osaka Buffaloes vs Hiroshima Carp). The Japanese appear fanatical about their baseball and the energy once your inside the stadium and the game is underway is amazing - team chants & songs going though out the entire game.

Unfortunately I was slack and didn't publish anything on our time in Japan. We have a lot of notes and tones of photos, so I'm hoping to get around to it before too much time passes, and will provide a link here to anything I do end up writing.

Istanbul defiantly made an impression - and made its way into this list.

What a beautiful city. The weather was magic. I found myself waking early most mornings and heading to the roof top terrace and simply sitting and watching Istanbul come to life as the sun rises.

The markets, the food, the people - all come together to create an awesome travel experience, and one that I won't forget... and will love to return to.

Everyone we know who has been to New York has loved it - I am yet to meet someone who hasn't - and our experience in the "Big Apple" didn't disappoint us.

The only thing we were disappointed about was not having enough time to see everything - however I think you would need to live in New York to really get to know it properly.

We had 8 days in total - and this was enough to give us a good initial taste of the "Big Apple" - and enough to leave us wanting more.

We will be back.