Touchdown in Lima

Peru - Lima dinner
Peru - Lima dinner

So we flew out of Santiago this morning (bright and early) into Lima, Peru. I probably should have mentioned it earlier, but was only reminded about the fantastic view from the airplane window as you approach Santiago - floating through the clouds between the various snow capped mountains. It was an awesome experience. However, coming into Lima today topped it.

There was a lot of low clouds around Lima today and this made for a fantastic approach in the airplane, with the peaks of mountains breaking though into the clear air above the cloud. It was like a sea of white with little islands scattered around.

Once we landed in Lima, we negotiated immigration and customs - not quite the same experience you would get in Australia, quite simple, and not much too it, although it is Sunday!

We got into our arranged cab - a clapped out white Nissan wagon with big crack up through the windscreen - and headed for the Hostel (about a 30min ride) - what an experience... That imaginary third lane that exists somewhere between the lane that you expect to be in and the lane that the oncoming traffic is in was used by all, including our driver. Also in two lanes of one way traffic you can fit three cars! I think the lines on the road are more decorative than law.

This first experience made us a little nervous, but we arrived at our hostel in one piece.

We settled in and headed out to explore the neighbour hood. Our hostel is right on the cost, with the beach about a 5 min walk away. Unfortunately there is a heavy sea mist at the moment so visibility is minimal, but we expect a spectacular view and sunsets when it clears (hopefully in the next day or two).

The local neighbourhood has some nice places to get local food. We selected one about 2 min up the road and grabbed the Arroz con Mariscos (rice with seafood) - this was brilliant, very fresh and nice flavors.

Anyway, were back at the hostel now and will probably take it easy tonight and try to put together some idea of what we want to get up to here in Lima.

No photos yet - but hope to get some soon.