Rum Night (Is there a theme forming?)

Peru - Lima
Peru - Lima

Today we jumped onto a tour bus (Mira Tours) that took us for a 3 hour tour through Lima city and to the San Fransisco church and catacombs. This was a pretty cool tour. We got to see or first real glimpses of Lima city and the catacombs at the San Francisco church were pretty cool. Getting back to the hostel tonight a lot of new people have checked in. In honor of their first night we have decided to have a few drinks to get to know each other. As we had a Pisco night the other night - and currently don't have any expert Pisco Sour makers, or at least no one who could be bothered making it - we have decided to have a Rum & Coke night.

One of the new arrivals, and myself volunteered to make the dash out after dark to the bottle shop to pick up the supplies required. This was only a 5 minute walk each way, but in that time we managed to be asked 'Where you from mate?' by at least two dodgy guys hanging about the street - this was followed by - 'you want some smoke?, Where you from?'... Just the type of people we were hoping to avoid in our short trip up the street.

We got back in one peace, and with out too much hassle. The night so far has gone well. There are heaps of people in the hostel tonight. Mostly Americans, and funnily enough all from New York. These guys seem pretty cool.

We are looking forward to moving onto our Intrepid tour on Friday - will give us a chance to meet some new people, and start to really explore Peru.

We finalised our trip to Iguazu (Argentina) today. We hit the LAN Air office and booked our trip. We are only heading up there for one night, but the place looks great. We have booked into a hostel in Iguazu called the Hostel Inn - this place is a bloody resort, literally! They bought an old resort and turned it into a hostel. Its bloody huge and has a massive pool, etc. Everyone we have talked too said we will just want to stay because its so cheap and has everything - but one night will do us.

I do have heaps of pics from the tour we went on today, but as its late will not post them up until tomorrow sometime. Hopefully I will get a chance early, but with heaps of people here, the competition for the Internet is pretty fierce!

Love you all - Lucas & Laura