Colca Canyon and Home Stay

Peru - Colca Canyon
Peru - Colca Canyon

From Arequipa we headed to the Colca Canyon - passing through altitudes of almost 5,000m on the way. When you get off the bus at these altitudes, you have to take it very slowly! Even very slow walking causes your head to spin and heart to thump. I thought it was convientient that they had roadside markets in places like this. Unknowing tourists such as ourselves jump off the bus in the high altitude, dizzy due to lack of oxygen, and puchase anything that is going before making it back to the bus to recover.

I only ended up with a Peruvian style beany - which has come to great use as its bloody cold up here at night.

We stayed in a small little town - the name evades me now - and ventured out to the local hot springs. These were great, but unfortunatly not sure they were the best idea for me, with a head ache and crock guts. I spent the rest of the night in bed, while the others ventured out to a local resturant with a dance show.

Yesterday, we set of early to see Andean Condors in the mid section of the Colca Canyon. This was amazing. There were about ten to twelve condors soring around in the canyon - defintly well worth the hour long bumpy bus ride.

After this we headed to a small village in the top end of the Colca Canyon for our first home stay. This was fun - or could have been except I was still pretty sick. Laura and I both enjoyed spending time with the family we were billeted out to. Our room was small, simple, but nice - a dirt floor, and hard beds. It was really interesting trying to communicate with our families who knew virtually no english, just spanish, and a local language (cant remember its name at the moment).

After an extreamly cold night, and poor sleep due to my need to use the wañu (bathroom) excessivly, we left our families for our next stop - Puno.

We arived in Puno this after noon, and have been out getting some simple supplies for our families at the next home stay (tommorrow night) on the shaws of lake titicaca. I imagine this will be another very cold night, but we are looking forward to it, and making the most of the comfortable hotel we are in tonight.

Its a pitty we are both a little on the sick side - while im worse than Laura, we are both feeling it. Hopefully it will all disapear once we come down from the altitue a little.