Cuzco here we come

Peru - In the Andies
Peru - In the Andies

So after another long bus ride across the Andean country side we arrived in Cuzco yesterday afternoon - and what a relief this was. The 7 hour bus ride across Peruvian highways that at times were as smooth as a bad gravel road was wearing thin - plus our butts were sore from sitting for so long ;). Cuzco really is the oasis we have been waiting for - its downtown region is really old and beautiful with a definate European feel. The icing on the cake for us is that we are sort of starting to feel better!

We have a couple of free days here to explore and get to know the city - which we are both looking forward to.

Last night consisted of locating an old English style pub, consuming a few lagers, and then heading up the road for a bowl of creamed tomato soup (all the soup over here seems to be creamed - its hard to get a simple chicken broth, etc).

Today we are going to head out to the local produce markets, which should be very interesting and present a few good photo opportunities I hope.

If I get some free time later this afternoon, I will try to work on getting some of the other photos put up, but this will take time as I need to re-size, etc.