Madrid - Spain

We have now left South America behind us, and moved onto the European leg of our trip. Our flight from Beunos Aires to Madrid was with the Spanish Iberia airline - an 11 hour flight that was probably our worst yet... lucky us to get the worst one on a long flight.

Based on our experience I would try to avoid flying with them again. The entertainment system was communal, no personal entertainment system that you seem to get on most other flights these days. The hostesses were not really interested, and the air conditioning was set to about 35c... even Laura was hot!

Anyway, we got here and easily navigated our way from the air port to the hostel. The pubic transport over here i great... makes Melbourne's look like something from Peru!

The train terminal is in the airport. This then connects you to the main city lines. We did have to catch about 3 connecting trains, but the wait was a maximum of about 3 minutes at the most.

All the trains are underground as well, so we finally emerged about 100m from the hostel.

Initially we were both ready to go... we wanted to get out and hit the city as it was still pretty early (8am local time). This was fine for about the first half an hour until I sat in a big comfy chair in the local Starbucks and drifted off.

I think I had about an hour - and a cold coffee to boot - but I started feeling a little off as well (I think mainly due to tiredness). Anyway we continued on and did some basic exploring of the surrounding area before heding back to the hostel for some major siesta.

We eventually got going again at about 5pm - we though it was late, but this was pretty early on Madrid time. So we headed out once again, and were reasonably suprised at how light it still was - it seemed like 2 or 3 i the afternoon, but was approaching 6.

We continued exploring on foot, and eventually settled for a cafe in one of the main squares at about 9pm for dinner. Ordering a small plate of calamari and chips, we were a little surprised to receive a plate of calamari and  plate of chips from a packet (i.e. crisps)! Anyway we sorted it out and eventually got something closer to the mark.

Today, even though it was miserable and raining, we jumped on the local tourist bus and ventured around the city. our first stop was the Real Madrid stadium for a tour. This was pretty cool (even for someone not into soccer like myself).

Next we made a stop at the city cable car ride - you would think we would learn after out last experience, although this one turned out to be quite pleasant - European engineering at its finest, there was hardly a bump. With the rain setting in late this afternoon, we stopped off at the supermarket and bought some supplies for a good home cooked dinner - local salami, camembare, bread, wine and pasta - perfect for a night just like tonight.

So we are heading off to bed now. We catch an overnight bus to Barcelona tomorrow night, so will probably head out to see a few more sights tomorrow.

Hope to have pictures up in a new album soon.

Love Lucas & Laura