London calling

We have now left the Spanish speaking countries behind us after about 7 weeks of traveling. We find it hard to stop saying 'Gracias' to people - but I'm sure we will get over it. Our flight out of Barcelona was delayed by about 30min, but we managed to touch down on British soil fine. We were dreading hitting Heathrow a little - you never seem to hear a good story about that place - but we were very surprised when we only queued for about 5min in immigration and waled straight through customs. Literally took us about 10min! We spent longer in the duty free grog shop buying gifts for our hosts here in London.

We caught the train from the airport to Paddington station, where we dumped our bags and started walking.

The very first thing that hit us ws the smell of fried food - the train station was full of it. I was an unfortunately familiar smell - one that we haven't come across for the last 7 weeks.

We had no idea where we were and where things were in realtion to us (no, we hadn't done our homework again!). Wandering the streets we stumbled on a sign pointing to Hyde Park - where we managed to spend th rest of the afternoon.

We found our way back to Paddington station (and saw Princess Ann getting into a huge Bentley), grabbed our packs (and quickly remembered how heavy they were), and caught th train to Elouise's place in Fulham - a reasonably easy experience.

Last night we ducked down to the local for a few pints and some dinner - its funny how comforting it was to have dinner in an English pub. Reminded us of home - at least the closest we have come so far.

This morning we were pleasantly surprised to have a Skype call with Laura's parents - it was great to chat and touch base at home again.

Today we are planing to head into London and try to pick up a bike tour - which should be great providing the rain holds off!