A slow day in Athens


We got into Athens yesterday afternoon - great weather, we managed to escape the bad weather that has been forecast for the UK! Yesterday basically involved getting from the airport to the hotel and checking in.

Today we decided to take an easy day - we have been on the go for so long you just need to recharge the batteries every now and then.

So a slow day involved heading into the Acropolis and seeing a number of the other sites that surround it. We then had a bite of lunch at a local cafe before heading back to the hotel for the afternoon - where we hav spent hours attempting to plan how to get from Finland to Germany without it costing a fortune. Unfortunately this is just not possible, so we booked the first flight out (which was the cheapest by far, but still relatively expensive :( ).

We have booked onto a 3 island tour for tomorrow - so this will be a long day, but we are looking forward to getting out and seeing some of the islands.