Our last day in Greece


Today is our last full day in Greece, as we fly out tomorrow at lunch time - meaning an early start to make sure we get to the airport on time. Today was another reasonably relaxed and laid back day - we visited the National History Museum, and ate out for lunch in a lovely street side cafe adorned by fans and misting water to keep us cool.

Lunch started with a traditional glass of Ozzo (for me at least, Laura wasn't too keen). We followed this with a seafood plater and a lamb souvlaki to share, both were fantastic.

The afternoon was then spent wandering the streets and the market - slowly heading back to the hotel.

We have spent a few hours relaxing in the hotel room, and are now gearing up to begin packing and getting ready for our departure tomorrow morning.

We are also attempting to plan ahead for some of our trip to come - the European and Italian guide books being flicked through rapidly trying to determine the 'where, what, why, and when' of the German and Italian stages of our journey - we want to try to be a little prepared from now on in.

We have also put up some more of our picture from our time here in Greece.