A touch of Prague


Having arrived in Prague and settled in (after out exciting train ride) we decided to take a tour of Prague city – old, and new.

The tour started in the new Prague and worked its way through the streets to cross over into the old town. The old town is absolutely lovely – cobble stone streets that are easy to get lost in, and medieval buildings everywhere you look.

The tour was a mainly walking tour, although it also included a short boat ride up and down the river – giving a different perspective of the city.

Once off the boat we headed back into the city for the included traditional Czech lunch – this consisted of a very watery soup, a selection of either goulash (which Laura went with), or pork and sourcrout (which I went with). All mains were accompanied by 4 pieces of Czech dumpling – basically 4 slices of boiled bread. Desert was made up of something that resembled a donut (without a hole) covered in yogurt – overall rather bland, but I guess they make a tourist buck out of it.

After lunch we continued into the old city and to what are probably the highlights of Prague – Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle. Both were amazing.

After the tour we slowly wandered home back over Charles Bridge (where we purchased a few souvenir photos), and finally home – to watch the Euro Cup quarter finals!

This pretty much wraps up our time in Prague – although we did have another day there, we dedicated this to planning for the rest of the trip, mainly the Italian leg (booking, etc is starting to get hard – and is becoming tedious).