Under the Tuscan Sun


The transport strike has finished, and so has our forced day of relaxation in Bolonga (yes... we did absolutly nothing, and loved it!) - we grabbed the early train out of town and headed for Certaldo in Tuscany. Certaldo is a cute little town south west of Florence (Firenze), and north of Siena. We are staying in a beautiful agriturismo B&B, come self contained shared appartment - it has everything, free mountain bikes, kitchen & fridge, internet, etc, and is imaculate.

The owners only speak Italian, so this is helping us to hone our skills - and Laura is actually doing quite well.

We spent the afternoon in San Gimignanao, which is a short train and bus ride from here. Its an absolutly beautiful old town that is enclosed in huge fortificatons, and has many towers. The town itself appears to be rather touisty, however this doen't take away from its beauty at all.

I managed to pick us up some local wild boar salami, which we are looking forward to sampling very shortly.

Tomorrow we are planning to head off into Florence for the day, and then hopefully explore the old town of Certaldo in the afternoon.

If you want to check out where we are staying, their we site is - http://www.ilpianigiano.it