When in Rome...


We made it to Rome after a pleasant few days in the Cinque Terre. Almost immediately we noticed that it was a little warmer here in Rome, away from the cooler comfort of the coast that Cinque Terre offered. We are staying in a simple B&B - its not quite what you would classify as a B&B in Australia, but I guess it meets the necessities, we get a bed, and we get breakfast. To be honest, its actually quite nice. The room is huge, and while there are no cooking facilities we do have access to a fridge.

For out first full day in Rome we ventured out to the Colosseum, a short walk from where we are staying. We also wondered around and through many of the surrounding sights, including the Palatine, the Roman Forums, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

On our second day we ventured out to the Vatican city - not that the Pope is there... he's in Australia at the moment! Anyway, we took in most of the Vatican's sights, including the huge St. Peters Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters square.

The Vatican has so much to offer, and many beautiful works of art - it was well worth a day there.

Today we wandered down the road to the Basilica di San Giovanni- which was the first Christian Basilica built in Rome. The Basilica also serves as Rome's cathedral, and is also the Pope's seat as the Bishop of Rome. The Basilica is also the home to many ancient and religious relics, including the heads of both St. Peter and St. Paul.

Rome has been fascinating, and well worth the time. We continue our trek south tomorrow as we move onto Naples for a few days.

We have now put up some of our photos from Rome - however, as we left our iPod cable in Rome, we may not be putting too many more photos up in the near future! Have to wait until we get home - lucky its not long now.