Heathrow, Terminal 4, BA Lounge

Let me start by saying - This place is ace! We landed into Gatwick from Naples, almost a 3 hour flight, and had to make our way to Heathrow Terminal 4 - which nothing seems to go to directly!

We converted our left over Euro's into Pounds which was almost exactly enough to buy our bus ticket from Gatwick to Heathrow - luckly its a free ride for BA travellers from Terminal 5 to Terminal 4 on the bus.

We got here in reasonable time, and cleared security reasonably quickly. On the other side I suggested to Laura that we 'try' our Quantas Frequent Flyer card at the BA Lounge - we could only be turned away and have to sit in the public lounge for just over 2 hours.

Laura was a little hesitant initially, and took some convincing. I was not even sure we would get in. We approched the entry desk, presented our cards and boarding passes and we let in imediatly!

We walked in and we were a little overwhelemed - what to do first? Use the free internet, go to the serve yourself anything you can dream of bar, the cafe, use the showers... All of it is free!

First up we grabed some food - if we hadden't been allowed in we were looking at a £10 McDonalds meal. We enjoyed dinner with a lovley 2001 read wine, followed by a tall Gin & Tonic. We then had some more salad and bread, and finished with cheese and crackers.

After a few more free pour Gin & Tonics we decided to have a shower - it was rather hot in Italy, and we have an 11 hour trip ahead of us. We were given our beeper to be alerted when the private shower facilities were free - this gave us time for another Gin & Tonic (for me) and a Bailies on ice (for Laura).

After showering and freshining up we went to the lower level to use the internet - where I am now. Laura endulged in another glass of fine red wine, and I helped my self to a few more Gin & Tonics.

Let me assure you - this place is much better than McDonalds - but I'm sure we have already paid for it all (and more) in our ticket prices somewhere along the line. It's just a pity we only discovered it now. Let me assure you we will be checking in early in Bangkok!

Anyway, must away... My Gin & Tonic is empty.

See you all soon.