Time out in Thailand

Thailand - Bedroom
Thailand - Bedroom

After a long flight (11 hours) from London, we touched down in Bangkok, collected our bags, and exited the airport to our awaiting hotel transfer. On exiting the airport, you immediately notice the humidity (it's not as if its hiding!) - this place is hot and humid, luckily the south of Italy at this time of the year is also pretty humid and hot at times, so we have been fairly well acclimatised over the past weeks.

We were driven to our hotel and checked in - where we were greeted by my Mum (she is on her way over to England and Italy for 2 months).

It was really great to see a familiar face after 4 long months traveling, and it was really good to see Mum.

We only had a few hours together as Mum was flying out only hours after we arrived - but we managed to fit in a quick market wander, dinner and a chat before we had to say goodbye again.

The following morning we checked out of our Bangkok hotel, headed back to the airport to catch a local flight to Phuket.

Thailand - Villas
Thailand - Villas

We are staying in a Resort in Patong Beach, only about 20 min from Phuket town. The resort is absolutely beautiful, and has all you could want.

In our time here we have mastered the art of spending Bhart! Its actually quite simple... A massage here, some beautiful Thai food there, a few drinks bye the pool, a few tailored suits, and various nick-nacks from the street merchants... In know time at all you have drained your wallet and need to replenish the supplies from the magic hole in the wall.

We can really recommend a Thai massage, especially after 4 long months of back packing around the world - Nothing like the burn of Tiger Balm to ease those aching mussels.

Thailand - Sunset
Thailand - Sunset

After a few meals in the Resorts restaurant, we woke up and found the

much better, and much cheaper eateries in the street (not street vendors - these are proper food establishments). In the resort, each dish would cost about 300 - 600 Bhat. Down the street you can get Pad Thai noodles for 70-80 Bhat. For

300 Bhat (about $10) we got Pad Thai, Basil Chicken, Pepper & Ginger Crab, a large beer and a coke - and could not eat another thing!

Anyway... we have seen the last of this for a while now. We check out tomorrow

morning to head for home - so I guess we could say "The honeymoon is over".