We're in Istanbul, not Constantinople...

Wow, long flight overnight again. Seems like forever ago that we were checking in to our flight in KL airport. Anyway the flight was reasonably uneventful again (which in the case of air travel is actually a positive attribute). We landed in at Ataturk airport in Istanbul at about 6am this morning. Apparently the Visa fee's have increased... Last time Laura was here the Visa cost $20 USD, they now weigh in at a more hefty $60 USD (or $45 Euro). I guess when it comes time to find more money from taxes it's easier to get it from the visitors than upset the locals.

Anyway Visas securely pasted into our passports, we collected our baggage and located our driver - he's the guy holding the sign "Laura Modric". A short ride into town later and we were checking into our hotel Tria in Sultanahmet - conveniently located between the Bosphorus, Aya Sophia and the Blue Mosque - and all clearly visible from the hotels roof top terrace (somewhere I can see we will spend a number of evenings watching the sun setting with a refreshing beverage or five).

So were spending the morning chilling out a bit, catching up on some sleep and planning out what we want to do over the next few days.