Mythical Troy

So after out day in Gallipoli, our tour takes us across the narrows of the Dardanelles to Canakkale which is in the Asian side of Turkey, an where we spend the night before heading of to nearby Troy (Troya) in the morning. Troy is about a 30 minute bus ride out of Canakkle. We arrive to an overcast drizzling morning - its about now we wished we had packed our rain coats!

Walking through the archeological site that is Troy was very interesting, and our local guide again provided lots of details and background about the site.

One interesting fact relates to the site of Troy itself. Troy of legend and myth was a sea port - the actual location is somewhat inland (although the Dardanelles are visible from the high vantage point).

The belief is that thousands of years ago when Troy was prospering it was actually a sea port as described in the legends and myths. It is thought that heavy silting bought on by earth quakes in the region over time forced the narrowing of the mouth of the Dardanelles which in turn caused the sea to subside and form solid land - which is now in use as extremely fertile cropping country.

As with many other cities within Turkey, Troy saw its fair share of occupying rulers - the Trojans, the Greeks, and the Romans. Each new occupation saw dramatic reshaping of the earlier Troy - either because it had been raised to the ground from the conflict, or the new rulers wanting to inject their own cultural influences on the region.

This resulted in 9 different levels of Troy - all built on top of the ruins of the previous, and clearly visible as you walk through the archeological site.

All in all it was a very interesting tour. The only downside is the 6 hour bus ride back to Istanbul, which included the obligatory stop at the purpose built tourist trap buffet and shopping complex - glad we ate before we left 5TL for 2 Kebabs in Canakkale or 13TL each for crappy buffet in the middle of nowhere).