Turkey - The Wrap Up

We still have a day and a half left in Istanbul. Other than our last minute shopping and revisiting the Bazaar's we are winding down and getting ready to come home. We thought this was a good time to reflect on what we have done, and wanted to provide a breif wrap up of everything we have done while in Turkey.

Gallipoli Gallipoli was probably on top of our list. It was absolutely beautiful, and the historical significance almost meant it was a must do for us - and we weren't disappointed.

Istanbul (general) Istanbul is great. Depending on how adventurous you are, will depend on how much you get out of Istanbul. Delving deep into the streets and alleys to uncover hidden, off the beaten track gems is great. But even we haven't had time to explore everything. The tourist sights (Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Taksim Square) are always a must see for first time visitors such as myself - but I'm sure Laura is starting to get sick of them by now.

Troy Troy was interesting - probably more so from the Myth and Legend perspective than anything. To be able to say I have stood in Troy is quite amazing. Overall it's not the most exciting of places however, and the tour is only an hour or so long. Defiantly worthwhile given we were in the area, but not something I would be making the 12 hour round bus trip for on it's own.

The Princes Island The Princes Island is one of those curious sites. While you want to make sure you see it - and don't get me wrong it was a nice place - there isn't actually that much to do. Possibly this was one of the places we were least prepared for, and didn't have much time to dig too deeply... So we could quite easily have missed the good stuff?

So what was our favourite? Basically the order in which they appear above is reflective of how highly each ranked.