5 things I would take to a desert island

So my last post got me thinking... What are the 5 things I would take to a desert island. Having now been "stranded" (a term I use extremely loosely) on Day Dream island for two days, I feel I have had enough experience to make a fully qualified answer to the question I pose.

The 5 things I would bring to a desert island are (and bare with me...):

  • Resort style facilities
  • Resort staff
  • Enough food to last a lifetime
  • Enough grog to last a life time... I'm talking top shelf also. If your stranded you don't want to go without ;-)
  • My best friends (this includes my beautiful wife Laura!). Why should I suffer like this alone ;-)
  • So let me hear your comments.. What would you take? Serious, or not... Lets hear it.