Day Dreaming - Day 2


Another sun filled day in paradise... well on Day Dream Island at least. After a slightly cloudy and overcast morning, the day had turned out superbly.

Laura did here obligatory site inspection (as a travel agent, it's part of the deal). Meanwhile I walked to the other end of the island in search of water and water holding appliances - of which we are now owners of.

Today was our swimming/snorkelling day. We hired our equipment, and living on the edge as we do, we went without the recommended stinger suits. While it is currently stinger season, I suspected its more of "would you like fries with that..." season.

Needless to say, we swam, we sore, we didn't get stung... On the body or in the wallet...

After picking up our gear we walked to the south end of he island and found the rainforest walk - with lots of nice outlooks over the water to neighbouring islands. The rainforest walk leads down to Lovers Cove, one of the better secluded beaches on the island - and only open to guests.

While the fish and coral are not comparable to the outer reef, what we saw was still nice, and the bath temperature water makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Lunch was somewhat an involved process. Somehow we got forgotten... Oops... And buy the time we got our meal (a gin & tonic, vodka &amp cranberry, and 2 beers later), we were too hungry to complain that Laura's meal, while close, wasn't exactly what she ordered. Something we will get over...

Pool time next, and a few more refreshing beverages lead to a great, and relaxing afternoon.

Now we find ourselves relaxing on our balcony, looking out across the resort and the ocean view with a bottle of sparking, and some subtle Afro Cuban All Stars playing off an iPhone in the background. Couldn't really find a better way to chill out for an afternoon.