America - the business trip

Tonight, I find my self making final rushed preparations for a business trip to America (well lets be honest here... the fact that they are my "final preparations" does not also mean that they are not my first round of preparations either!). So tomorrow morning I will find myself sitting on a Virgin Australia flight for the best part of 14 hours.  This constitutes leg one of my outward journey, and will take me from Melbourne to Los Angeles.  A few short hours after that, I will find myself on the second leg of my journey on board a Delta Airlines domestic flight out of Los Angeles headed for Atlanta.  Finally, the third leg of my journey will get me from Atlanta to my destination, Raleigh, North Carolina (Where? did I hear you say...).

So some 26 hours after leaving the warmth of my home in Melbourne, I will find my self in near freezing Raleigh - hailing a cab, heading for the hotel.

As I said, this is a business trip - so i'm not sure how much sight seeing I will be able to get packed into my eight short days - but being my first visit to America, I will be keen to soak up what I can.

On the way in I have one day to "acclimatise" before we get down to business.  I have about the same on the outward trip.  During these days I am hoping to see all of what Raleigh has to offer... I'm sort of assuming that two days may be sufficient??

Regardless, I am sure it will wet my appetite for a further more adventurous trip back at some point in the future.