Touchdown - USA

So its now late evening in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I have checked into my hotel after some 26 hours of travel. The fleeting moments that I saw of both Los Angeles (airport) and Atlanta (airport) have not really left much of a lasting impression.  LA was busy, and the queues started from the moment you left your seat on the plane.  Atlanta was somewhat more organised and low key - however it was later in the day.  Raleigh was almost closed.

Stepping outside the Raleigh airport onto the sidewalk to get a cab - the 0c temperature forced me to raid my bag for in search for my beanine - its cold compared to Melbourne this time of year.  There were even small clumps of snow/ice on the runway as we taxied into the airport.

Tired and smelly, I checked into my room and headed downstairs to catch a quick meal before the kitchen closed for the night.  A tasty quesadilla and a few locally brewed "North Carolina Pale Ales" has seen me contented for the evening.

The remainder of the evening will no doubt be lost to sleep.  Who knows what tomorrow will hold, but with a maximum forecast temperature of only 7c, I have no doubt it will involve my new thermals, beanie and jumpers.