The Flying Saucer

So it's a Sunday afternoon in Raleigh, North Carolina. I find myself downtown with not much to do - as most places are closed. On a cool afternoon, I now find myself at The Flying Saucer - possibly the best bar I have been to in the Northern Hemisphere (and defiantly the US!)

With over 200 beers available, made up from both local brew craft and imported, where else should I be for a belated solo Australian day party? These guys know how to do beer. Every option is covered - even direct from the cask.

Further the daily "fire sale" which is on local beers today, means I can sample the local drop (which is quite handy to be honest) at $3 a pint!!

To be honest, I never have the yanks credit for any beer I had ever tasted - up until now! They can brew it like the best when it comes to local brew craft style beers. Pity none of these make out shores back in Australia.

Today I have eventually settled on a beer from the New Belgium beer company called "Fat Tire". It's an Amber Ale (from Fort Collins, CO) and defiantly delivers.

My "runner-up" for today is one if the locals (from Raleigh, NC) - a wheat beer by Lonerider called "Shotgun Betty". This was a classic wheat beer with a nice banana follow thru.

To be honest, I would quite happily sit on either of these beers all arvo. But with limited time and variety and experimentation the key I have ended up tasting a wide range of brews from across the US. These two I mention though are the finishers for the afternoon and will happily see me home tonight.

You can join up to the UFO club at the bar also. Members who manage to drink their way to 200 beers are immortalised on a flying saucer on the roof or wall of the bar. The putter ring of the saucer indicating how many times you have reached the 200 brew milestone.

Unfortunately with my short time here I doubt I will come close to qualifying for my own saucer.

Given I was in transit for 26 hours yesterday, I have declared today to be my own personal and informal Australia Day. And I find the Flying Saucer a most enjoyable place to celebrate the day.