Chill out in Kingscliff ("The Babymoon")

It's a cold, wet and windy Melbourne morning... 3am, and the alarm goes off. Rather than the normal roll over and press snooze reaction, I find myself rising quickly and competing with Laura to be first in line for the shower. I'm not quick enough out of the blocks though and find myself beaten.

This is no normal Friday morning... This is the start of our loooong weekend together... Some would call it our "Babymoon" on the account its likely to be our last getaway together before Laura is due early next year.

We are both excited - hence the unnatural levels of enthusiasm and alertness at 3am.

Peppers Salt Resort in Kingscliff on the northern beaches of New South Wales is our destination - a quiet, relaxing destination somewhere between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

An uneventful, but early, flight finds us landed in the Gold Coast - on what is turning out to be a spectacular day of sunshine and warmth (the two things we have both missed over the Melbourne winter).

We arrive at Peppers and immediately enter "chill out" mode. Laura crashes on the bed to catch up on some sleep from our early start, and I find myself in the pool side bar enjoying a refreshing Ale from the local Pickled Pig Brewery...

Time for another... Lets wait to see what tomorrow brings.