Just wandering around

Today's plans evolved organically with more of a "why not" attitude rather than specific planning. We headed down to Byron Bay early this morning - apparently we took the scenic route. Getting lost is sometime where you find the best hidden local secrets - we turned up an old sewage treatment plant that was now reclaimed land and a hangout for bird watchers... Not exactly the jackpot.

Eventually we put our trust in the GPS and made it into Byron. With nothing really we wanted to do or see, we simply relaxed and walked the streets. We dropped into one of the local cafes for a caffeine hit - street buskers outside playing some great mellow surfy tunes to reinforce the towns mellow vibe.

After a good few hours spent wandering Byron, we decided to check out Nimbin... A little further away than we thought - but a pleasant drive west all the same.

Arriving in Nimbin was almost exactly like what you would imaging it. Entering the town there are fences painted in every colour of the rainbow, hearts handing from almost everything, and people trying to sell you a deal every two feet.

Within the first 5 minutes of stepping out of the car we had been offered a deal no less than 10 times - I guess we fitted the target demographic more so than the bus load of elderly citizens who had pulled up at the same time.

The sweet smell of special herbs floated through the air - especially strong in and around the Hemp Embassy.

We popped into the Nimbin pub for bit of lunch - we were strangely hungry after our short walk around the town...

The Nimbin pub turned out quite a good meal, and sitting on the back deck soaking up the sun was just about as good as it gets.

From Nimbin we headed back to Kingscliff to spend the few remaining hours of sunshine sitting poolside with cocktails.

As chance would have it, we stumbled over Tropical Fruit World - here was my chance to buy up big on all those exotic tropical fruits I have never tried before. We ended up with a chewing gum fruit, chocolate pudding fruit and a custard apple.

Having now tried these exotic fruits, I can tick them off my bucket list and move on - unlikely to return. While they were not unpleasant they did not wow me either and I am certain I could live out the remainder of my days without another sampling of them.

Tomorrow will bring an early start as we plan to head into Brisbane for the morning before spending the arvo poolside again.