(Almost) Fathers Day

So to day was Fathers Day. Apparently I qualify in the "soon to be category" (lets call it almost fathers day) and was able to bask in the moment for a while..

While we didn't do anything quite as exciting as visiting Tropical Fruit world today we did hit Bris-Vagas...

Couldn't have been a better day. The weather was perfectly warm. Roaming the south bank region of Brisy is amazing on days like this - even more so when you find a bar with Matilda Bay beer dominating the taps of the week - and pints for $8.50.

After spending most of our day in the south bank region of Brisy, we headed back to the shelter and serenity of Kingscliff.

An afternoon walk on the beach, a few quiet bevies if the suite while coming up to speed on Breaking Bad (apparently we are the only people on this rock not to have seen it yet!), and I now find myself sipping an Asahi while waiting for my take-away Thai order - what better way to finish my "Almost Father's Day".

So it's back home tomorrow.. Reality always catches up with you at some point. Apparently Melbourne has been having some brilliant weather while we have been away. Spring is here and summer is not far away.

Sorry to think that this will likely be our last trip away for a few years. Time to focus on family!