Only days away

After almost 18 months of planning, we are now quickly approaching our departure date. Our bags are packed (well mostly), and we are ready to go.

In the past Laura and I have either travelled solo or more typically together as a couple - not this time however...

Since we last had the opertunity to travel abroad, a few things have changed... mainly the arival of our son (now 18 months old) who will be heading off with us to experience the wonders of the big wide world.

Not only will our son be travelling with us, but a fair part of our immediate families are also joining - some 17 people at last count.

So where exactly are we all headed?

The large (main) group are all set to converge on a villa we have booked in Tuscany - somewhere near Sienna. There we plan to enjoy each others company as we soak in the warmth of the Tuscan sun, and feast on delicious hearty Italian food and wine.

Most of us will also continue on travelling to the south of Italy to arrive in San Lupo - the small town where Laura's family are originally from.

Following our time in Italy, most of the group will head back home, while we continue on heading into the north of Italy then spending some time in France before heading across to the U.K. where the European leg of our journey will end.

Finally we will head across the pond and spend some time in the U.S. before heading for home.

So so really exciting time ahead of us. The hardest part now is watching the clock slowly tick down to our departure date...