Working in Durban (SA)

So I have been in Durban for a few days now. Mostly work meetings with clients and not much down time to get out and see the place (im not hear for leasure!).

We have ventured out and visited a number of the local cafes to grab a meal here and there and to get out of the hotel - but for the most nothing beyond the walls of the compound we are staying in or the offices of our clients.

We did get out to the local shopping centre one evening to visit out client retail outlet and to get a better feel for their operation - but again - this was not a social visit.

Durban - South Africa

We are staying about 20km north of the Durban CBD itself - and the are is a mix of residential and industrial.

The weather has been quite nice - around 22c each day and down to about 12c over night.  Very pleasant compared to the brisk mornings we have had in Melbourne recently.

Today is actually a public holiday here in South Africa - so I am using the local down time to put together my notes  session earlier in the week and to plan and pre for the remainder of the week ahead.  

Given the nice weather, I decided that today my office would be the back deck of the hotel where we are staying it - nice warm sunshine, a good view across the lake to the 18th hole of the local golf course (looks like a lovely day for a round!) and plenty of monkeys and mongeese to keep me company. 

This afternoon, we took some time out to venture out and take a drive through Durban and the surrounding area on the way to an early dinner.

Durban downtown was a mix of new and old buildings - and I have the feeling some areas that you really don't want to get too close to. We passed through quickly and headed back north to the beach suburb of Umhlanga - which was quite nice and obiously a more wealthy part of town. 

Sunrise from my room

Cheeky Monkey @ Hotel

Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban

Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban