Headed to South Africa (for Work)

Tonight I boarded a flight from Melbourne destined for Durban, South Africa - via Perth (on Virgin Australia) and Johannesburg (on South African Airlines).

This will be my first time on the African continent (only Antarctica left now!!) - and im not really sure what to expect. So many stories, some good and some bad.

This is a work trip however, and I am not anticipating much time for rest and relaxation or sight-seeing - but will endeavour to find some time to take a brief look around Durban one there, and possibly pick up a few gifts for the family back home.

So I now find myself now sitting in Perth airport with 3hrs+ to spare before my connecting flight to JoBerg. Perth airport a lot more modern than I expected, and probably one of the most modern I have been to.

Getting through immigration and across the border was a breeze - probably the best experience I have ever had. I suspect my swift transit through boarder control is aided by the electronic passport control used for outbound passengers. I am familiar with this when coming back into Melbourne after an international flight, but this is the first time I have seen it used for outbound passengers...

Let me tell you - it's a bloody dream compared to the queues you normally face in Melbourne.

So with 3hrs+ to kill, I find myself - along with pretty much every one else bound for South Africa - at the bar in the international departures lounge.

Its a picture of tired people huddled in small groups around every chair and table in the small bar, with many others (myself included) spilling out into the common area. Many of us sucking in as much power as out devices will take ahead of the coming 11hr flight to JoBerg.

A few local drops (Rogers by Little Creatures being my personal favourite), are helping to reset the body clock into a slumber mode for the coming flight. With a full week of work ahead of me once I hit the ground in Durban, I need to try and adjust to the new time zone rapidly. I find beer helps ;)

So as I am quickly running out of words to type - and at the risk of rambling on... I guess this is good night.